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    Tara Lynn Media, LLC
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    I have been professionally growing and learning as a social media manager and website developer for over 7 years. During my experience, I found that many businesses were uneducated about the marketing and digital services they were paying for. As a result, they were unaware they were being taken advantage of. Since learning about this, I decided to develop a company that would be truly transparent and an advocate for the business. When we work together, we work side by side on the same team, with the same goals.
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    I am a graduate of Texas State University with a Bachelor's degree in Advertising and a Minor in Creative Writing. I have lived in Katy, Texas for most of my life, and attended Katy Junior High and Katy High School. I grew up with two younger sisters and was a competitive athlete as a child which gave me a competitive spirit as an adult. My husband and I have three dogs, Brody, Tucker, and Rocky (200lb English mastiff).
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    Digital Marketing, Websites & Social Media
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    CEO / Owner
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    I almost always have an iced coffee in my hand. I love to watch movies and binge tv shows. I typically listen to fictional audiobooks or true crime podcasts when driving. I love traveling and going to new places.
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    United States
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    1-Minute Video For NIA Profile for $50
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    Texas State University
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    1. Are you happy with your current social media presence?
    2. Does your website represent your business well?
    3. Imagine you're a stranger, what would you assume about your business by just looking at your digital presence? (social media, website, google business)
    -- Are you ready to take your digital marketing & social media to the next level?
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    Tara can help you take your business to the next level through digital marketing and social media!