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    I believe small businesses are the backbone of our future. A successful small business owner creates more residual value in a community than a larger corporation ever could and I want to ensure the success for as many small businesses as possible.
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    Born and raised in a small town in Missouri, I received my first taste of entrepreneurship at nine years old with a local paper route. It was truly a small business. I was responsible for purchasing my own papers, delivering them 6 days a week regardless of weather, and collecting payment from customers. I suspect I didn't make more than $1 an hour most months. Not a successful enterprise on most accounts, but I certainly learned it was going to take more than just hard work to be successful as a business owner. Fast forward 15 years later.

    After graduating college, getting married, starting a family, a tour as an officer in the United States Air Force, and a few other entrepreneurial endeavors in between, I started a digital agency (Lifeblue) with my business partner and zero dollars. A dozen books about my 15 years operating this business wouldn't be enough to capture all of the failures, trials by fire, and eventual success I experienced as a business owner. There is not a single function of the business I didn't immerse myself in to learn how I could make it better, more efficient, and more valuable for those around me. One of my proudest accomplishments was becoming an officially registered B-Corporation.

    I sold a majority stake in the company in 2017 at an eight figure valuation. Near the end of 2021, I felt I had run my course, and my time as a digital agency operator reached its end. My new focus became helping other business owners create successful businesses that are profitable, sustainable, and built to last. I believe this can happen for any and every business, but it all starts with setting up a high performance culture.

    I currently reside in Lucas, TX with my wife of 20 years, Nicole, and our two children Alexis and Jackson.
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    Recreational softball & basketball, history, travel, fitness
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    Lucas, TX
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    United States
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    University of Missouri
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