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    VFW Post 8790
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    I saw that too many people in the wellness profession were treating patients as machines, just checking off boxes and prescribing drugs to treat symptoms, not root causes. Most recently My father had a stroke, and no one at the hospital asked ANY lifestyle questions. They just came in, checked off boxes, have him some meds, and sent him on his way 3 days later without any suggestions as to how to keep another stroke from happening later... as if he was just going down an assembly line.
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    Natural Health Practitioner
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    I'm an officer with the VFW, a leader for a sea scout unit, and I dabble as a magician. I'm active as a local advocate for veterans issues.
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    United States
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    Univ of The South - Sewanee, Texas A&M / Corpus Christi, Univ. of Penn Medical School (Pharmacology)
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    Kendall helps Babyboomers and GenX look and feel 10 years younger in 30 days by resetting their metabolism.