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    Simply Piper's
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    To help others create memories with family and friends that will last a lifetime.
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    I am a Wife of 29 years, a Mother of 3 and Nanna to amazing granddaughters. I have a passion for helping others be better, see the positive in themselves and others. I have been and hairdresser for 30 years that helps me in my passions and my ability to help create fun and exciting events. I am a leader in a church with a focus on addicts and families of addicts, as well as mental health issues.
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    Event planner
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    I love all different kinds of craft projects, making jewelry, painting. I love reading fantasy books.
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    I help you, so you can enjoy your party!
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    United States
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    Reduced rate depending on size of event
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    Simply Piper's Salon & Event Planning
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    Gene Juarez cosmetology, life
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    What kind of event are you wanting to plan?
    How many people would you like to attend your event?
    What kind of help are you looking for full planning, partial planning or day of only?

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    Piper, event coordinator