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    Live At Choice, LLC
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    My why is to help people become empowered in who they indeed are and overcome the limitations that mindset can cause. I know from experience when our mind and our heart are connected success is the result. I tried to take my own life in 1985 because I couldn't see how to overcome my circumstances. I did overcome and I have committed my life to help others succeed no matter their circumstances.
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    I am a Mindset Success Strategist helping people overcome obstacles to have a happier, more prosperous, and more powerful life.
    My mindset expertise has been recognized during speaking engagements, including at Harvard Business School, PayPal, Kaiser Permanente, Gallaudet University in Washington DC, and various TV interviews.
    As a mentor for The Wolff Center of Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston, a TV Talk Show Co-Host, and an International Speaker and Best-Selling Author, Belanie is recognized as a changemaker and a thought leader.
    I believe that all people should be able to choose to live a happier, more prosperous, and more powerful life regardless of their circumstances, and with the right mindset strategy, one can realize the result.
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    Personal and Professional Development Training - Mindset Strategist
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    Mindset Success Strategist and CEO
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    I love oil painting, the outdoors, camping, home cookouts, and hanging out with family and friends around the pool. Travel is dear to my heart, and I love car trips. My heart yearns for the mountains, and my feet love the ocean. Social gatherings and networking feed my soul. I am artistic and love to paint with oils. I have a creative mind, and it is seldom without something brewing up!
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    United States
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    NIA member offer $100 off all programs. Plus one complimentary session.
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    /LiveAtchoice; /BelanieDishong
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    Some College
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    If you are ready to take your business to the next level and feel that your mindset could be slowing you down, I recommend contacting my friend, Belanie Dishong. She has helped thousands make that quantum leaf that they had not otherwise seen possible.
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    My friend, Belanie Dishong, Mindset Strategist, Author, and Speaker helps entrepreneurs and business owners like yourself overcome the hurdles that often slow down their business growth and build confidence for the next level of your business success. Belanie's coaching method is like no other as she has helped thousands reach their business and personal goals.