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    Sisu Social Media
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    Helping experienced business owners persevere and succeed in an increasingly digital world. Sisu Marketing was founded with the goal of helping business owners who are great at running their business to be great at navigating all the moving parts of an increasingly digital footprint that goes beyond just a website.
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    A veteran of traditional media with a decades-long career in radio, Rebecca made the move into digital marketing strategy in 2010. With a keen eye for putting together all the building blocks for successful digital campaigns, Rebecca specializes in helping bridge the knowledge gap for experienced business owners who’ve waited to take the full leap into the digital world.
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    Social Media Strategist
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    Film, Yoga, Travel, Mediation, Reading
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    An experienced business owner, 35+ yrs old, in business for 10+ years. Understands the value of marketing and that they cannot do it themselves. Is coachable, collaborative and comfortable turning these duties over to a professional so they don't have to be involved in the day-to-day.
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    United States
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    NW Missouri State University
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    Do you currently invest in marketing for your business?
    Do you think digital marketing could help your business?
    Do you have a trusted resource for digital marketing?
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    Dear XXX, I'm writing to introduce you to my colleague Rebecca Pixley. Rebecca is an experience marketing pro who's focus on helping experienced business owners persevere and succeed in an increasingly digital world. She's great a helping businesses bridge the gap between the kind of marketing they've used in the past and what's working now.