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    Through a series of hardships in 9 short months including being diagnosed with breast cancer, having a horrible boss and my sister dying of cancer I didn't realize that I lost my identity and my direction. After taking 2 years off to care for others, I decided to get my coaching certification to offer help to people who also struggling through hardships.

    I help professionals who have been thrown off track in their career and life by hardship like the loss of a loved one, a medical diagnosis, or having a difficult boss to find their inner power, direction and balance again through individual or group coaching.

    I also help organizations retain top talent through developing leaders who create engaged and productive teams.
    I speak and train in companies and non-profit on topics ranging from effective communications to reframing failure to how to retain top talent. I often create custom trainings for companies.
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    i use coaching to support executives and professionals who’ve been thrown off track by a hardship to find their inner power, direction an balance again.
    I am a coach by accident and adversity.
    The 25 years of my adult life were spent as a “Corporate Badass Mom”, as my son says. I worked for several fortune 100 companies, including 20 years at Target.
    In 2009 I was laid off from Target as a Sr. Leader during the Great Recession. Working 80 hours a week, I didn’t realize it, but Target was my identity.
    I jumped from Target to another corporate job as a director working a mere 70 hours a week. Then, the universe hit me upside the head.

    In a 9 month period I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. I thought I was superwoman and put my sights on going back to work in 3 weeks even though the doctors said 6 weeks. After 3 weeks I went into a deep depression because I had “failed”… I couldn’t go back to work after 3 weeks.
    When I did go back to work after 6 weeks, my boss met me in my office saying , “Wow, it must have been really nice to have had 6 weeks off to do nothing but watch TV and read books.” Really?
    Then 2 weeks later I received a call that my 91 year old father was having emergency brain surgery. I went to Chicago 1 week a month to nurse him back to health.
    My husbands truck went into the shop for major repairs and we had to put my dog down… my life had turned into a country song!
    Just when I thought I was through the worst of it and had 5 days until my second surgery, I received a call that my sister was in emergency surgery for stage 4 malignant melanoma.
    I walked into my boss’s office with HR and quit my job immediately, had my surgery and drove to Chicago 2 days later.
    I stayed with my sister in the hospital and she died 8 weeks later.
    Adversity had struck and I had few resources to deal with it. On top of that, I had to do what made me the most uncomfortable of all… I had to be vulnerable and let people help me.

    I took 2 years off for critical care taking of my family.
    After 2 years I was going back to corporate, but couldn’t go back having “done nothing”, so I got my coaching certification and then my coaching mastery.
    The universe showed up again at the end of my mastery to deliver a clear message about my next steps. I was coaching a woman with a traumatic brain injury who hated her new life. At our last session she finally smiled and said, “I actually like my new brain now. Thank you for helping to save my life.”
    It was at that point that I left the transactional world of corporate. I joined the impactful world of coaching combining my own learnings from adversity, my deep experience with business as an executive and my extensive knowledge of coaching and neurology to help people transform and live to their true potential. And vulnerability has become my superpower.

    My son now says that I am a Zen Mom. What is that I asked, “Mom, you are talking with me, not at me. That’s a Zen Mom.” Out of the mouths of babes!

    As a Zen Mom, I no longer work 70-80 hours a week. I coach over 50 professionals a year and helping them find their Power Path. But I do it in balance with the rest of my life. I am both a Zen Mom and a coach by accident and by adversity.

    I live in Minneapolis with an incredible husband of 30+ years, 3 wonderful kids… and 3 dogs. I love art, cooking, entertaining, traveling, hanging out with my family and yes, coaching! I am grateful to the universe for pushing me out of my comfort zone and showing me the path to help others find their power path. I also commit 15% of my time/resources to pro-bono work.

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    I love live music. In 2019 I saw 35 bands. 20 concerts in one year. In my first career I was a Sr. Buyer and developed a love for travelling. For work I traveled extensively to Asia and throughout the U.S. and I continue this currently, although mainly to Europe and the U.S. When I travel, I normally take at least 1 cooking class- I love to cook. Every summer I travel to Ghost Ranch in New Mexico to do sliver smithing and art. I entertain... a lot. I LOVE a good party!
    I volunteer at Mayflower Church, I tutor kids 4-18 at Creekside commons; an affordable housing complex in South Minneapolis and I teach teens "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction".
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    I help executives and professionals who have been thrown off track by hardship to find inner power, direction, and balance to experience both success and joy again.

    Ten years ago, I was that leader in my late 40’s. In 9 months, I faced a series of adversities, from battling breast cancer to losing my sister to cancer. Taking a break from my executive role, I discovered my resilience and reinvented myself as a coach instead of returning to the corporate world.

    With 25 years of corporate business experience, including climbing the ladder at Target, I've overcome abuse, deaths, a layoff, and cancer while balancing motherhood and marriage. These have given me a unique set of skills for coaching.

    As an ontological coach, I holistically guide clients in transforming their personal and professional lives. I work with organizations like Target, Northwestern Mutual, The University of Minnesota, and others as well as private clients.

    If you know someone stuck, facing change, struggling internally, or seeking reinvention, I can help.

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    1) A person who is stuck and wants help uncovering their potential and direction again. Someone who is wants to stretch themselves and wants to make a successful transformation. Key words or phases? "I am stuck in this job", "I can't stand my boss and don't want to work for him/her", "I know there is something better", "I don't know what to do"
    2) Organizations who want to support their team members in innovative ways. For instance I provide coaching to the University of Minnesota employees who come to the Diversity and Equality Resource Office for help. I provide coaching to employees who have been recently medically diagnosed and need help at work, have lost a loved one, are coming back from leave, are having a performance issue, etc.
    3) Organizations that use speakers for keynotes, training, communication, etc. I speak at small meetings e.g. rotaries with 15 people, large meetings e.g. keynote for meetings of 500+ and everything in between. I do this both pro bono and paid.
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    United States
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    Purdue University, Fashion Institute of Technology, Learning Journey's International School of Coaching