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    Next Day Access - North Houston
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    Sooo many reasons as to why I do this!! As a son of aging parents, as a military veteran seeing other vets struggle with service-related injury, and as a brother-in-law to a quadriplegic, I see many people struggle with staying safe in their own homes. And it's hugely personal to me. Formerly working in corporate America, my job was simply a means to an end. But there was no passion, aside from a paycheck. Next Day Access gives me the skills and knowledge to help others age gracefully at home. My team's solutions-based mindset helps define cost-effective solutions that allow aging-in-place - the ability to stay in the home as long as possible. Every day poses a new challenge, another chance to excel and make someone happy. At this point in my Earthly journey, I finally feel as if I'm where God wants me to be.
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    Born and raised in Minnesota. Attended college at the United States Naval Academy, graduating with honors as a mathematics major.
    Served in submarines (both active and Reserve) for 20 years. Nuclear engineering and MBA, Six Sigma Black Belt, former competitive ballroom dancer, and (still) avid golfer. Married to "my person" for 26 years, 2 sons, and a dog lover. Numbers have always made sense to me. Now as I'm older, I'm learning the importance of excellent "soft skills". Pancreatic cancer survivor.
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    Seniors Services
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    Golf - lots of it
    Woodworking - fine furniture and cabinets
    Wine enthusiast - drinking, not making.
    Dogs - I have 3. (Anybody want one?)
    Former triathlete
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    We don't sell products. We develop (and deliver) solutions for safe aging in place.
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    United States
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    $50 gift card for any referral
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    United States Naval Academy - Mathematics, Kennesaw State University - MBA
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    1994, 2005
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    How long do you plan to stay in your home? What accessibility challenges do you have in your home? Is there anything you used to do in your home that you no longer feel safe, or capable, or doing?
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    Short and sweet is best. Be honest, I guess. Brian is an awesome guy that wants to help you move freely and safely in your home.