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    Forever Forward Financial Group
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    Helping people learn how to utilize the best kept wealth accumulation secret that will assist them in building long term wealth in a tax free environment. Our "Why," to ENRICH the lives of those who work with us by increasing their financial literacy. To EMPOWER them by sharing this vital information. To EDUCATE them so they might live a life of abundance. To ENGAGE and connect them to our community through collaboration. Call us @ 727-422-7761 or email @
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    Proven professional sales, marketing, leadership, training and facilitation experience in both the public and private sectors focused on motivating individuals at all levels to achieve their greatest potential by building strategic partnerships with customer/client groups while enhancing the corporate image, optimizing product exposure, and increasing revenue. Areas of expertise: Training and Facilitation, Leadership and Motivation, Presentations and Public Speaking, Organizational Leadership, Process Improvement, Program Design and Development
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    Financial Services: Registered Representative/Certified Financial Educator
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    Registered Representative
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    College Football
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    Have you grown tired of utilizing traditional wealth-building methods that are burdened by taxes?

    I help people unlock the best-kept secret to wealth accumulation in a tax free environment. I guide individuals and business owners to learning and harnessing this powerful strategy enabling them to build substantial wealth while minimizing their tax liabilities.

    Imagine a world where your hard-earned money works for you without being diminished by taxes. With my guidance, you will discover the hidden opportunities available in tax-free wealth accumulation thus empowering you to optimize your financial growth.

    I empower people like you to seize control of their financial future, enabling you to preserve and expand your wealth with confidence.

    Don't let taxes hinder your path to financial security and success. Together, we will unlock the best-kept secret to wealth accumulation in a tax-free environment and pave the way towards a prosperous and financially secure future for yourself, your business and the people that are important to you.

    To schedule time please visit:
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    Tarpon Springs FL
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    Any individual, family or business owner interested in or needing to learn "how money works!"
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    United States
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    2 hour free consultation; fees waived if become a client of the branch
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    The Pennsylvania State University
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. Are you or have you suffered financial lose or hardship as a result of the recent economic downturn?
    2. Are you concerned about your ability to manage and/or eliminate debt?
    3. Are you concerned that you may not have sufficient savings or investments to reach your long term goals?
    4. Are you concerned that you may not or have not provided sufficient protection for your family or business should you become disabled, suffer a long term illness or even death?
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    A 25+ year financial professional dedicated to helping clients learn "how money works" by focusing of four basic concepts;
    --How to make more Money
    --How to Save more Money
    --How to grow your Money
    --How to keep it all safe