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    Vivek Narula Portrait
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    I love making people feel beautiful! While I shoot portraits for both men and women, I particularly love to photograph women (especially women who haven't been professionally photographed before) and make them feel beautiful and empowered. We'll capture a day of laughter and transformation to be treasured for the rest of your life! And for the people who tell me they don't look good in photos, I like to challenge them and say: "Let me change the way you see yourself."
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    I was born to East Indian parents in a small town called Chatham, about 3 hours west of Toronto, Canada. Though I am a Canadian by birth, my name definitely is not! In case you are wondering, it’s a Sanskrit word that means “wise discernment of the mind” and is pronounced Vee-vake.

    I am a creative at heart. I now spend my days as a portrait photographer in my natural light studio in Northeast Minneapolis creating legacy portraits for individuals and couples, as well as headshots and personal branding for business professionals, real estate agents and entrepreneurs from all walks of life. I am passionate about my craft and love getting my clients excited about having a portrait session with me! It can be a life-changing experience!

    Though my first love is portraiture, I have a range of skills in my creative repertoire. I have worked as an illustrator, writer, videographer and an experienced real estate photographer for retail, commercial and residential properties.

    Prior to my current role as a portrait photographer, I worked as a copywriter in the advertising industry in Toronto for nearly a decade. I later moved into the web software industry where I worked as a marketing manager for nearly a decade.

    In 2012, my pattern of jobs-by-decade was broken when I got my green card suddenly and moved to Minneapolis. I sometimes regret moving to a place that is colder and more north than Toronto, but I am happy that my younger brother lives in the same city and there’s a Tim Hortons. ;-)

    When I'm not photographing clients, you can find me doing yoga, drawing in my sketchbook, enrolling in online classes, hanging out with friends or family, or curling up with a good book on Eastern philosophy, thinking about my place in the cosmos.
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    Portrait Photographer
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    cartooning, reading, writing, online learning
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    Boutique studio that specializes in fine art legacy portraits, headshots + personal branding
    Niche focused for artistic excellence.
    We offer a design consultation to customize each shoot for your business or personal needs.
    We offer complimentary professional hair and make-up in-studio for women.
    We conduct a styling review and offer a beauty and style prep guide that shares best practices in preparing for your session. If you want even more help, we have a personal stylist available who does house calls! She will come to your home, review your wardrobe closet and even go shopping with you to help you put together fantastic outfits for your portrait session!
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    United States
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    When was the last time you were professionally photographed?

    Would you like to create a one-of-a-kind heirloom or wall art collection for your home that will be treasured by you, your family, your extended family, your kids and even their children long after you are gone?

    Do you need to update your headshot? Do your current marketing images reflect your brand? Do you need professional marketing images for your blog, newsletter, publication, website, LinkedIn, Instagram or other social media?
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    Let me introduce you to Vivek. He is my go-to photographer. He will take care of you and provide you with fantastic images!