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    I want to help prospective homebuyers obtain the mortgage that is right for their situation since they are the ones who will be making the mortgage payment. If someone already owns a home and has a mortgage, I would be happy to review their current mortgage to see if I can lower their interest rate, lower their payment, lower their term or pull equity out of the home in order to put them in a better financial position.
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    As a mortgage origination professional for more than 30 years, I have been involved in thousands of lending transactions. Call me at 954-648-7848 to take care of your buyers and your mortgage lending needs and ask me how I help realtors transact more business.

    Mr. James Matarazzo is a sales, business development and operations executive who has delivered outstanding results for both large and small companies including Countrywide Financial Corporation, Washington Mutual Bank, BankUnited and more recently, ran sales and operations for the East / Midwest region at PRMG. In all cases he has led sales and support teams in generating double-digit revenue increases.

    James has an extensive record in areas including sales, leadership, best practices, team building, and business development in B2C and B2B environments. He has produced substantial profit growth, and improved customer satisfaction with innovative sales and training programs, enabling companies to gain a competitive edge.

    For example, he grew sales and market share 50% for a multi-billion dollar organization by introducing new products. These products met the needs of the foreign market previously under-represented in the company. He also upgraded customer satisfaction levels 23% in three months by training account executives on best practices.

    In another example, he integrated sales and operation divisions, standardizing policies and procedures during seven mergers in a five-year period. He successfully led the change management process while building a sales and operations staff of 100 employees and generating $300M per month.

    James earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Florida Atlantic University. He is a member of the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers (FAMB).
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    Residential Mortgage Lender
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    VP of Mortgage Lending
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    Sports, music and coaching
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    Boca Raton
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    Anyone who needs a mortgage or has a mortgage
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    United States
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    Personalized Service
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    Florida Atlantic University
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    Are you or someone you know looking to purchase property within the next few months?
    Do you currently own your home?
    Does your home have a mortgage?
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    James Matarazzo is a 30+ year mortgage industry veteran.