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    FPI Justice for Victims Families
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    A few years after my mother died, I became the inheritor of my grandfather’s historic black cemetery, and the great-great granddaughter to the victim of the oldest cold case in American history that I never knew existed. I needed answers. There was more at stake than just a murder.

    As the wife of a former law enforcement officer and as a network television producer, I used rank and contacts to put together a volunteer team of professional investigators, to help me find the facts and the answers I needed. The day I received resolution was the same day I decided to help other families get the closure that they needed. I now know first-hand the pain of feeling dismissed and not being taken seriously. My goal is to prove that most cold cases are already solved. The same way I exposed and solved my distant grandfather’s murder.

    Today, how much justice you get may involve who you are or how much you have. In some places "justice" can depend on a person's ability to hire expensive lawyers. FPI Justice for Victims Families is working to change that, because not much is scarier than crimes that go unsolved, murderers and kidnappers on the loose, and serial killers who disappear back into society.
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    Television Producer - Philantropist
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    Executive Director
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    United States
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    Can offer help with unsolved injustices, documentaries and television production.
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    U of H, Computer Science / Communication A.S. Degree
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    Regina Romain