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    A.M. Painting / Legacy
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    What makes a house a home? Is it the furnishings, is it the pots and pans, is it the carpeting? Or is a home a state of mind?
    AM Painting was started with the belief that all homes can be beautiful. A large home can feel cozy with the right color, and a small home can be spacious. AM Painting has been creating lasting custom atmospheres to reflect each of our clients’ personal styles since 1993. Founded and operated by Mike Sandin, A.M. Painting stands out as one of the premier paint firms in the Twin Cities: small enough to give clients outstanding personal service and large enough to produce some of Minnesota’s most bold homes. We also specialize in Commercial, Industrial, Prefinishing, and Roof coatings.
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    I've been in the painting business since 1994. I started while in college and fell in love with the profession. I have 3 children aged 26-20 and enjoy playing tennis in my free time.
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    Sales and management
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    Reading, Tennis, Whiskey, Cigars, Bird hunting,
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    United States
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    Free estimates on days that end in "y"
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    You should never consider yourself graduated from education.
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    Are you remodeling, do you need a painter?
    Have you ever thought about changing colors in your (name area to be painted)?
    I see your siding is faded, would you like a reliable painting company to come out and give you a free estimate?
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    I'd like to introduce Stefan, he works for A.M. Painting and he would be happy to help you with your needs.