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    Midland Empire Insurance
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    To make everyone surrounding me a little better everyday even if it is in the smallest way.
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    In 2016 Lawton joined the family business and moved to Grants Pass. He has worked as the manager of the agency and has enjoyed the challenges and rewards. He appreciates all he has learned and continues to learn. While attending college in Reno, Lawton met the love of his life, Tara Dines of Sierra City, CA; naturally, they were married in September 2017. This union has produced 2 children - Alia (2018) and Lincoln (2020). When Lawton is not being a family man you will find him fishing and hunting in the greatest place on earth to be, Southern Oregon. Lawton gives back to his community by participating in the Josephine County Chamber of Commerce, the Boys and Girls Club of Grants Pass, the Marine Corps League, and Rotary.
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    Independent Insurance Agent
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    Family, Hunting, Fishing, Exploring, Travel. Giving back to Community.
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    Grants Pass
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    United States
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    Lawton Lesueur
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    University of Nevada Reno
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    1. What is your operation?
    2. What is the most difficult situation your industry faces?
    3. What would you like to see different in your insurance plan?
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    Hi Lawton, I would like you to meet XXXXX who is looking for another opinion on their Commercial Insurance plan. Please reach out to them at 541-476-7715 to discuss in detail and gather information, the best times to call are between x and x. Thank you!