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    The Keyes Company
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    To provide for my family and be able to spend time with them
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    I provide value to families friends and relations that includes you my representation means a lot and in all the situations where I provide service my dedication to you exceeds any monetary contribution, my responsibilities extends to build relations in the process of acquiring your residential and/or commercial properties. My duties includes assisting homeowners to avoid foreclosure and where some clients may face unforeseen circumstances in their effort to purchase or sell their property I assist in finding a likely solution. I stand proudly behind my name and the name of my company and promise to practice the ethical standards proposed to my clients therefore by doing so your expectations will most certainly be met.
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    Real Estate & Insurance
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    Tennis and board games
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    Pembroke Pines
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    Attentive and understanding
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    United States
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    DeVry University
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    Have you been pre-approved?
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    I am not just your Realtor, I’m family