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    The Fitzpatrick Group
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    My mission is to educate people on the taxation of their money in both the accumulation and distribution phase of their life. Financial planning tends to stop at the accumulation phase for most people, however, how much money we get to SPEND from our portfolio is far more important. Our mission at the Fitzpatrick Group is to make sure people are planning for the taxation of their money during the distribution phase. We help people eliminate unnecessary and excessive advisor fees as well as excessive market volatility. We also help people protect their loved ones from financial disaster when the unexpected happens in life. Our holistic approach to financial planning allows us to help you properly prepare for your financial journey through life.
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    I am wife to husband Brian and mom to two littles—Presley, age 4, and brand-new baby Connor. I grew up in San Antonio and graduated from Texas A&M University. After a 10-year career in education, I made the transition into financial services. When first starting out, I realized how many questions were left unanswered and financial plans built with inflated projections. That is when I joined the Fitzpatrick Group whose main mission is to disrupt the financial services industry by mathematically breaking down traditional methods of planning, putting the clients first, and educating the public so that they can make the very best financial decisions for their businesses and their families.
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    Financial Services
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    Financial Advisor
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    I love to read, workout, cook, craft with my daughter, and spend time with my family. We love watching Disney movies together and attempting to bake gluten free treats. My family and I spend a lot of time doing things outdoors together as much as possible.
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    My perfect referral is a person who is open to education, knows they want to build wealth and leave a lasting financial legacy for their family. I particularly love working with families. Another great referral for me is a small business looking to create some financial efficiencies within their business.
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    United States
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    Texas A & M University
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. Do you hope your income goes up or down in the future?
    2. Do you think taxes are going up or down in the future?
    3. Are you truly diversified?
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