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    The Ishayas of the Bright Path of Minnesota
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    I do what I do because of what learning the Ishayas Ascension meditation has given me. It has returned my consciousness to a state of grace and given me a level of peace and contentment beyond anything that I've known before. It has healed my connection to God.
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    I have a 25 year background in metaphysical study. I recently moved from NY where I owned a wellness center and worked as a yoga instructor, personal trainer, minister, medium and healer. 10 years ago I took vows and became an Ishaya Monk and taught Ascension Meditation worldwide. I landed in Minnesota about a a year ago and joined forces with the Minnesota ishayas to create the Bloomington Ishaya center where we host and teach weekend courses and advanced retreats.
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    I am an Ishaya Monk, Wellness Coach, Spiritual Counselor
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    Ishaya Monk/Minister
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    I am a lover of animals, the arts, nature, the mystical, the magical, quantum physics, meditation and the study of consciousness.
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    A perfect referral for me would be people who are interested in self empowerment and wellness. Those interested in expanding there experience and dissolving the barriers of the self limiting beliefs, thoughts, habits and patterns that create stress and separation. And those who are interested in discovering the inner journey back to Oneness with God and living life from the state of grace.
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    United States
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    Free introductions to Ascension Meditation and weekly 1 HR meditation meetings through zoom where we meditate together and share consciousness.
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    If they could have one thing, what would that be?
    What is their highest desire?
    What they want most in life?
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    Draupadi Ishaya Monk, Meditation and Wellness Coach