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    ActionCOACH Russ Hall
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    I'm "wired" to help people (Psychological Profiles tell me that!). I especially enjoy working with business owners and leaders, because it's a way to "leverage" my skills, knowledge, and experience to have a broader impact on my community than if I just were in business for myself...(I can touch for the better a LOT more people this way!).

    As they are more successful, they better serve their customers, employ more people, pay more (appropriate, not excessive!) taxes, and create a better place for all of us.

    I also enjoy the positive outcomes that result not only for the businesses that I coach, but also for the lives of their owners and leaders as their performance improves, and "they bring those good feelings and results home with them".
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    Russ Hall’s Coaching Story

    I grew up in a lower middle class / working poor section of the smallest city of the smallest state in the US. A determination to “be more, do more” got me out. Through assistance from my church and academic performance, I got accepted to a top private high school. That was followed by an NROTC Scholarship to Villanova University (Go Wildcats!). After 7 years active duty as a Naval Aviator chasing Soviet Submarines and performing Search and Rescue missions from SH-3 Sea King Helicopters (the same one the President of the US uses), I got started in sales for a Fortune 100 company (we sold blood testing systems to blood banks, hospital laboratories, and reference laboratories). I thought I’d do that for a few years until I figured out “what I wanted to do with my life”. 21 years later, with multiple positions, promotions, and recognition in sales and field service leadership, I retired and discovered ActionCOACH.

    I’ve been professionally coaching now since 2003, and it has been incredibly satisfying for me (and challenging). About 12 years into it, I realized that the real key to improved performance for my clients was often tied to “what went on inside” them…so I elected to obtain my Master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from UGA (Go DAWGS!). That has led to a deep interest in Neuroscience and the literal impact of our brains on everything we do and achieve…and has been another “ramp up” of my coaching practice.

    My latest investment in my practice and clients is certification in Hogan Assessments. Through my Master’s program, I learned of the power of the Hogan system, and the deep level of research and practical in-field performance supporting it.
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    Business and Leadership Coach
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    Interests: Neuroscience, Psychology, Business, History, Economics, Science Fiction

    Hobbies: Hanging out with the Love of My Life (Sara), my two sons (Duncan and Dalton), Golf, Shooting, Fitness, driving my convertible. Recent additions include Hunting and Fishing.
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    United States
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    Villanova University Undergrad / University of Georgia Grad
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    1975 Undergrad / 2017 Grad
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. What things do you most like about being in business?
    2. What gets "in the way" of you doing more of those things?
    3. You've probably made efforts to change things in the past. What hasn't yet worked out for you?

    (Thank them, call me, and we'll talk about the best way to make an introduction!).
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    I want to introduce you to Russ Hall. He's been a great resource for me in my business. I've yet to have a conversation with him that doesn't result in me picking up some "tidbits" that help me out. You should have a chat with him. He's easy to talk with, and doesn't "push". But he's also seen and worked with a lot of businesses over the years, so be prepared for some questions and observations that will really get you to thinking.

    Here's his website: After you go there, give him a call at 770.649.6130. I know that you'll appreciate the conversation, as will he!