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    Carefree Bookkeeping Service
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    To educate business owners, about their financial numbers so they have the power to use that knowledge IN their business and achieve their goals.
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    Carefree Bookkeeping specializes in small business money management for businesses with 25 employees or less, down to the sole proprietor or solopreneur. Carefree Bookkeeping has an extensive background in working with businesses in the service trades and construction industry, digital marketing, direct sales or MLM classified business to healthcare services, retail & professional services to name a few.
    Carefree Bookkeeping handles a variety of money management tasks and goals for small businesses from expense tracking, to balancing bank accounts, from generating and reviewing client expense and financial reports to helping business owners create and manage a budget, set business goals, or make strategic financial decisions using their reported numbers.
    Carefree Bookkeeping saves a small business owner time and money by removing the redundancy and stress of the day-to-day business of managing financial goals and budgets through our personalized bookkeeping and accounting solutions. This takes the mundane tasks of bookkeeping and budgetary challenges off the plate of the business owners and their staff so they can get back to work growing their business and managing client expectations.
    Susie can talk about business and money for 5 hours. Talking about herself only takes 5 minutes.
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    Accounting, Money Coach
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    President of HOA
    Card Making
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    Small business service based industry. Specializing in Legal, Medical, Professional Services.
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    United States
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    Free 30 Minute Consulting Meeting
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    Southwest Central Mankato MN
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    Are you paying yourself from your business?
    Do you know if you are charging your customers correctly?
    Do you understand your Profit & Loss Statement and know how you use that to make business decisions?
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    Susie and her team at Carefree Bookkeeping will take care of you and you will be stress free in regards to your accounting.