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    Squirrel Space Marketing + Design
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    I have been on the other side of things and dealt with "Marketing Agency's". I saw a common theme that didn't sit well with me, so I set out to start my own company with my vision for what a Marketing company should be. My team and I have a passion for helping company's grow and see them reach their full potential. We have no need for fancy clothes or flashy sales pitches. Our work is our sales pitch.
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    I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, I have seen what it takes to grow and build a successful business. This background followed me in college where I received a Bachelors degree in Marketing. My passion is looking at a business and evaluating each aspect to determine what the next steps would be to help the business succeed, all while embodying the true nature of the company.
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    Marketing + Design
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    Lake Charles
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    United States
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    McNeese State University