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    Put It There - Student Organizers of Atlanta
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    I sincerely enjoy meeting and helping others. For Put It There clients, de-cluttering and simplifying their systems and routines allows them to free up their physical and mental spaces to spend time on what is important to them. I receive enormous satisfaction from removing stress and angst from their lives.

    For Student Organizers of Atlanta, equipping students with important life skills to meet their academic and personal potential is incredibly rewarding.

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    An Atlanta native and mother of 2 children, I was lucky enough to be born with good organizational skills, which I have continued to sharpen throughout my professional career. Armed with a business degree from the University of Florida, I began a career in Corporate America in 1990. Within a few years, I decided to follow in my mother’s footsteps and built my business as a professional Realtor with Harry Norman, Realtors in Atlanta.

    Ready for a professional change and in a conversation with a friend and colleague, I mentioned some of the unique challenges of a real estate career. My friend thought all of about 5 seconds and said, “You need to become a professional organizer!” My strong organizational and interpersonal skills had served me well as a Realtor, and as soon as I heard the suggestion, I knew it was the right fit!

    After reaffirming my expertise with extensive research into the professional organizing business, all the pieces came together, and Put It There was formed in 2003. I immediately became a member of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers and NAPO-GA. In 2007, I became a Certified Professional Organizer, CPO, as a member of the first group to pass an exam and qualify for the title.

    While Put It There was growing and thriving, I began pondering how I could truly make a difference in the lives of children. I began speaking with a fellow Organizer, Michelle Grey, who shared similar goals. Together, we decided to apply our knowledge and experience towards empowering children with the organizational skills needed to become more successful and confident both at school and home. We did extensive research on the various aspects of individual learning styles and brain function, and more specifically how to identify an individual’s learning style. The results of our combined efforts led to the creation of Student Organizers of Atlanta and our comprehensive method which we use to design organizational systems that accommodate each student’s unique needs.

    I truly find my work with both Put It There and Student Organizers of Atlanta extremely rewarding and enjoy meeting and working with each and every one of my clients.
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    Professional organizing
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    Certified Professional Organizer
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    Travelling, reading, working out, spending time with friends
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    United States
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    For Put It There: $15 off the first invoice for hourly services and $25 off a 10 hour package. For Student Organizers: a discount of $25 off either a Complete or Abbreviated Assessment for all new families.
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    University of Florida
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