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    Network in Action Twin Cities and Dream Vacations MN
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    612-314-9022 NIA 612-250-6768 DV
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    My motivation is to develop deep and meaningful relationships, support our communities and connect people! Nothing brings more joy than helping others and making new friends. We as communities are truly stronger together and it is a lot more fun!
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    I was born and raised in Stanley North Dakota. I loved growing up in a small town and my parents owned a car dealership. I have 2 older brothers and one younger sister. I learned early on the importance of small businesses. I was one of 53 in my graduating class 1985. I was very popular, everyone knew me, hahaha! In high school I was involved in everything. I loved cheerleading and dance and went to state in track (100 and 300 meter hurdles) speech, French horn and choir. I attended UND in the fall and joined the Gamma Phi Beta sorority.

    I have over 30 years of management, business development and staffing experience where I loved networking and realize the importance of it. My first career was retail management and I spent over 20 years in the recruiting Industry. I loved connecting people so when I discovered NIA it was the perfect fit. My favorite part of NIA is developing and maintaining relationships. I feel blessed everyday that I love what I do. I also own a Dream Vacations Travel agency. At least once a year, I take groups on vacations! First was Alaska, we’ve done a Caribbean cruise, Greece and next is Italy. We book singles, families and groups- Disney, river/ocean cruises, all inclusives, custom vacations anywhere in the world. We even have booked a wedding. I love to travel with friends and make sure everyone has a great time!

    I've been married for 20 years to Iakovos Tsoukalas. He is a first generation Greek from Chicago and is a retired Marine. His career before was aircraft mechanic. Iako enjoys football, paranormal investigations, astrology, history, travel and is actively involved with the St Paul Winter Carnival Vulcans, Shriners and Masons. We have two furbabies..a Standard Poodle named Paris and a Yorkie named Roxy. We have a fun party home in Bloomington where we enjoy entertaining friends and having fun. I also love fashion and interior design. On the weekends you can find me at a good piano bar or at a broadway show! Music is my heart! I love music, especially older songs and enjoy a good piano bar. Nyes is my favorite, I have celebrated over 30 birthdays there, except the year they closed briefly.

    In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and my pets. I was a Sweet Adeline for 8 years and I sang Bass. We placed in the top 5 in the world on the International stage which was so fun and rewarding. I have a passion for entertaining others- I love to sing and perform, including countless appearances as “Klondike Kate” since being crowned for the Saint Paul Winter Carnival in 2003. I was active in the Royal Order of Klondike Kates for 14 years and made many special memories and wonderful relationships. I am passionate about giving back to the community and is an active volunteer in several organizations. (TSE is my very favorite although I love them all.) Iakovos is also a Shriner, Mason, Vulcan and we were royalty for a German Mardi Gra Club called Spielzmannszug of Minnesota where we made over 50 appearances celebrating Mardi Gra. One day, we’d love to plan to retire to the breathtaking Ionian Islands in Greece, where we have family and land.
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    Community Builder Franchise Owner of NIA
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    Franchise Owner NIA Twin Cities and Dream Vacations
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    Singing, Theatre, Travel, Networking, Piano Bars, Dogs, Home Decorating, Performing, Food, Volunteering, Wine, Friends and Family!
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    UND Grand Forks, ND