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    My passion has always been in helping business owners with their business. Whether that is increasing cash flow or reducing risk or maximizing tax credits or just listening to their issues; I strive to ease their troubles and provide some peace of mind.
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    I truly believe in strengthening local businesses by creating connections between the most passionate and brightest business owners. When a business owner has the appropriate support, their business grows. When the business grows, the owner (i.e. you) make more money and have less stress. When you have less stress and are making more money, the possibility of fulfilling all kinds of personal and professional dreams can come true!
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    Community Builder and Connector
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    Hiking, Obstacle Races, Wine Tastings and Exploring Our Big Blue World
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    Round Rock
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    United States
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    $100 Cash for every guest you bring that joins the group
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    Ohio University / University of Dayton School of Law
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    1990 / 1993