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    A Sacred Choice
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    Our intent is to give every family the opportunity to memorialize their loved one in an affordable and respectful manner regardless of economics while still upholding the highest level of service. We begin with a very inexpensive basic fee and with no profit taken for any merchandise and/or third party vendors unless required by the vendor to do so. This alleviates any and all potential pressure placed on families to make expensive choices while ensuring that the highest level of service is provided.
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    I'd like you to meet Bery Crispin and Lacey Fox. They are the owners of A Sacred Choice, a funeral home offering a completely new option. With many years of experience they left the corporate world of funeral service and decided to start a transparent and cost-effective model. They start with a base fee with everything else offered without a mark-up. This eliminates the high pressure sales tactics which many families experience. Their goal is to help simplify the entire process, making a very difficult situation as easy as possible.