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    Simply Organized
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    The reason behind starting my company? My 3 children. I wanted to be in a more flexible work environment to be able to be involved in their lives at school and not be so exhausted for them when we all got home. My family is my "why". Why professional organizing? It just comes naturally. I have been doing things Marie Kondo's way before anyone (including me) knew who she was. Growing up I NEVER would have guessed I would later become obsessive about organization. My room was anything but! As time went on and I lived on my own, I discovered I not only wanted a clean and organized house, I needed it! It just came naturally to color coordinate my closet, fold clothes in drawers vertically as to see what each shirt or pair of shorts were (who knew I could write a book and make millions?), and compartmentalize everything I could. What I didn't know, is that this wasn't everyone's way of life! It's an addiction for me to have all things labeled and compartmentalized. An addiction I love, especially when I see the joy in others once we have changed their home...and their lives!
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    Prior to starting my company, I was in the technical recruiting industry from 1998-2017, an industry I joined shortly after graduating from Texas A&M University. Whoop!

    I also have been the VP of Membership, Publicity and Activities for the Houston A&M Club. Chairing Muster and Coach's Night ignited my passion for project management and planning events. I enjoy using those talents in my career as well, when applicable.
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    professional organizer
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    I love horses and everything about them. I am a city girl but a rancher girl at heart! This coincides with my love for volunteering with the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, where I have also been since graduating college. I get to volunteer, help raise scholarship funds, and be around the most fabulous people on earth for 3 weeks!

    My other passion is sports. I rival most boys in my love for watching football, baseball and basketball. I also love to play golf, but I am not very good at it at all!
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    My perfect referral is that person who is too busy to keep up with their household or office. That person who wants to close the door on a room and not let anyone see it, out of embarrassment. Someone who feels they have too much clutter or feels they have outgrown their space.
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    United States
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    $50 off a package
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    Texas A&M University
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    Do you feel like you will never get to that project or room that needs tended to?
    Do you just need nudging in order to be able to de-clutter - knowing you will not ever do it on your own?
    Would you love to wave a magic wand and have someone else do it for you?
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