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    Denver Business Coach
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    When business owners start their business, they likely do it, at least in part for the freedom, and possibly to build an asset that they can sell and retire from one day. Most were pursuing the freedom that comes from working when they want, how they want, and on what they want. Of course they want to build a valuable business that they can sell for a healthy amount one day!
    For many small business owners these days, there is NO exit strategy in place for a sale down the road. And that freedom they were hoping for, it never quite materializes. This happens in part, because of a lack of the right processes and structure in place.

    I am passionate about helping business owners understand what truly drives the value of their company and how they can work towards building a sellable asset.
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    Simon Zryd is the founder of Denver Business Coach, a business strategist and mentor at heart.

    Since 2011, Simon helped over hundreds of local business owners and professionals substantially grow revenue and increase profitability through personalized business coaching. Many more have benefitted through workshops, seminars and presentations.

    Simon specializes in coaching driven small and medium-sized business owners, who are looking to get out of the hamster wheel of running their business and are serious about building a valuable company.

    He works closely with the owners to implement critical changes in the 8 areas that impact the value of a company and therefore significantly increases the value of the company.

    He works with fun and inspiring individuals who understand the power of commitment and are making, or are ready to make, a big impact in their community.

    To address the predicament that over 70% of businesses that are listed for sale never sell, Simon also facilitates a workshop called the "Freedom Workshop" ( which educates business owners on the process of working towards having a sellable business.
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    Business Growth Strategist
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    Certified Value Builder
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    I love spending time with my family, doing things outdoors. From skiing/snowboarding, to river rafting and visiting national parks we love spending quality times outdoors. Running is my base line exercise and I meditate weekly.
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    United States
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