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    Network in Action - Denver Metro
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    Strengthfinder characterizes me as a Learner, Connector, Developer, Realtor and Achiever. Growing up in Europe I love soccer, skiing the mountains, the beach and antique cities.

    Professionally, I work with business owners who are looking to build more – profitable, scalable, and eventually saleable companies. As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), Profit First Professional and Certified Value Builder, I bring unique and powerful tools to the business advising I do.
    Clients usually work with me when they are ready to take on a new challenge – whether it is wanting to create more freedom for themselves, turn their business into a profit generating machine, or prepare it for an eventual sale.

    I also run several local Network in Action groups in Denver – with a focus on building quality relationships without all the baggage that usually comes with it. Our members enjoy a ROI guarantee, no volunteer time to run the groups, monthly meetings vs weekly, engaging meeting agendas, professional leadership and much more.

    We help business owners and professionals grow and improve their businesses by connecting them with the right people and resources.
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    Business Community Builder
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    I love spending time with my daughter, doing things outdoors. From skiing/snowboarding, to river rafting and visiting national parks we love spending quality times outdoors. Running is my base line exercise and I meditate weekly.
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    United States
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    As you know, I take my business partnerships and sphere of influence seriously. You have to meet Simon Zryd! He is a great connector, leader and community builder - his passion is helping business owners flourish. Simon runs several NIA groups in the Denver Metro area. He is serious about helping business owners succeed by providing them with a high-caliber community of like-minded professionals. I encourage you and Simon to connect, so you can learn more about NIA, and so Simon can learn about you and your business and see if NIA might be a great fit for you!