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    Statement Looks
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    My passion for beauty and fitness started at different times. Having an eye for makeup at the early age of 15. I booked my first makeup job at 17 years old and received my license at 18 years old. Fitness wasn't a part of my early years. Battling with binge compulsive eating for most of my life and no prior background in exercise. It was no surprise when I had my daughter, I became overweight. After a long journey starting with just a food journal. With each step I took I became more passionate and increased my knowledge concerning health and fitness. Which lead to friends and family seeking me out to help them with their goals. After two years of fitness coaching I obtained my certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. The following year I obtained a sub-certification in Performance Enhancement. Now having 10 years in makeup aristry and 4 years in training. I am very excited to be a part of a group where I can share my love for what I do with a larger audience! And I look forward to you sharing yours with me!
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    Personal Trainer & Makeup Artist
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    Owner of Statement Looks
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    Working out (resistance training), eating, spending time with my family and reading my bible.
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