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Network In Action's NIA Vecriga Mastermind Group

Group Leader: (Community Builder) Mitja Jakopič

About NIA Vecriga Mastermind

Welcome to the NIA Vecriga Business Mastermind Group!

This is the Network in Action group for Latvia—NIA Vecriga. The NIA Vecriga Group is part of Network International.Members of the group meet once a month in person.The NIA Vecriga Group has exclusivity, meaning it has one person per business category, so members have no competitors in the group. Group is for business owners and business decision-makers in the business.

How is this different from other networking groups in Latvia?

Let’s start with what is similar, which is only one person per industry. In every other way, we are different. Yes, you can expect referrals, but we focus much more on growing someone's business. We have monthly meetings instead of weekly, state-of-the-art technology, and the leader of your group is a paid professional. They do not leave in the fall, and they are compensated (not volunteering) for continuing to grow their group. Additionally, you are provided with free software to get more five-star reviews, two professionally edited videos, a Google My Business page consultation, a CRM system, and the monthly agendas, each valued at $2K or more!


The NIA Vecriga Mastermind Group meets on a regular basis and offers a combination of brainstorming, problem-solving, and peer accountability to help members reach their goals more quickly. A mastermind group helps members achieve success by sharing best practices and creative solutions, shortening the learning curve for everyone. Members challenge each other to set strong goals and, more importantly, to accomplish those goals.

The mastermind group process focuses on one thing: helping you make the changes you want to make in your life. First, you create a goal—a vision for how things will be in the future. Then, with the help of the other members, you design a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals. The group helps you with creative ideas and wise decision-making. Then, as you begin to implement your plan, you bring both success stories and problems to the group. Success stories are applauded loudly, and problems are solved through peer brainstorming and collective, creative thinking.

The group requires commitment, confidentiality, and willingness to both give and receive advice and ideas. The group members support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion. Mastermind group members act as catalysts for growth, devil’s advocates and supportive colleagues. This is the essence and value of mastermind groups.

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There are currently no public events scheduled. However, if you are interested in attending our member-exclusive meetings, please click here:

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Why NIA Vecriga Mastermind?

The NIA Difference

  • Monthly Meeting
  • Professional Leadership
  • Guaranteed ROI

NIA brings together a coalition of like-minded individuals who understand the power of networking. Build your business by capitalizing on our state of the art technology and monthly meetings.

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NIA Vecriga Mastermind Members

(Accountant) Aivars Spalva
(Accountant) Aivars Spalva
Financial Consultant
(Business Consulting) Milena Djulanc
(Business Consulting) Milena Djulanc
International Law adviser and coach
Law and business development
(commercial furniture) Gints Balodis
(commercial furniture) Gints Balodis
Birne SIA / Hansa Lat SIA
Project Manager
(Community Builder) Mitja Jakopič
(Community Builder) Mitja Jakopič
NIA International BALTIC-EU
Business Communities' Builder
(English Language Club) Elizabete Stetjuha
(English Language Club) Elizabete Stetjuha
Master of English Language / Life-coach
(Entrepreneur) Alevtina Popova
(Entrepreneur) Alevtina Popova
Independent mediator
(Leadership Development Trainor) Raina Dureja Dombrovska
(Leadership Development Trainor) Raina Dureja Dombrovska
Leverage Vision LTD
Business coach, trainer, facilitator
(MARKETING-PR) Gunta  Kursisa-Butkane
(MARKETING-PR) Gunta Kursisa-Butkane
Owner of PR agency, PR proffesional
(Startup Development) Olga  Troicina
(Startup Development) Olga Troicina
Tro Consulting SIA
Personal brand and strategy mentor
(Stress-Burnout-Trauma-Anxiety Coaching) Ugis  Strauss
(Stress-Burnout-Trauma-Anxiety Coaching) Ugis Strauss
Strauss Innovation
Stress/ Burnout/ Trauma/ Anxiety Mentor/Coach
(Wellness) Anita Ozolina
(Wellness) Anita Ozolina
Personal Wellness Consultant

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