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Network In Action's V - NIA Vecriga Group

Group Leader: (Community Builder) Mitja Jakopič

About V - NIA Vecriga

This is the Network In Action group for V - NIA Vecriga.

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Bragging Rights-Share Your Success

Wed, Mar 20th 2024
5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Restaurant Beef Room,Gricinieku iela 24


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Why V - NIA Vecriga?

The NIA Difference

  • Monthly Meeting
  • Professional Leadership
  • Guaranteed ROI

NIA brings together a coalition of like-minded individuals who understand the power of networking. Build your business by capitalizing on our state of the art technology and monthly meetings.

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V - NIA Vecriga Members

(Accountant) Aivars Spalva
(Accountant) Aivars Spalva
Financial Consultant
(AI technology) Egons Mezitis
(AI technology) Egons Mezitis
Psychology, engineer
(Business Consulting) Milena Djulanc
(Business Consulting) Milena Djulanc
International Law adviser and coach
Law and business development
(Community Builder) Mitja Jakopič
(Community Builder) Mitja Jakopič
NIA International BALTIC-EU
Business Communities' Builder
(Stress-Burnout-Trauma-Anxiety Coaching) Ugis  Strauss
(Stress-Burnout-Trauma-Anxiety Coaching) Ugis Strauss
Strauss Innovation
Stress/ Burnout/ Trauma/ Anxiety Mentor/Coach
(Wellness) Anita Ozolina
(Wellness) Anita Ozolina
Personal Wellness Consultant
International  Business coach (Sales  - communication - Culture)  Julija Sovane
International Business coach (Sales - communication - Culture) Julija Sovane
Mindful Global Sales
International relationships and business

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