Damon Wallace - November 15th, 2023 - Mastering Objections

About Damon

Damon Wallace is one of the top business growth strategists in the country. He has trained and shared the stage with world-renowned speakers such as John C. Maxwell, Eric Thomas, Hill Harper, Delatorro McNeal, and more.

He has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs take leaps and bounds toward the pursuit of their personal and professional goals. He developed the Success Trifecta, WHY, WILL, and HOW to succeed. Through a proprietary technique, he guides high achievers through a system that helps people discover WHY they need to be successful, the WILL (discipline), and the How (processes) necessary to crush their goals at the highest level.

Mastering Objections

Key Objective:

By the end of this lesson, participants will discover how to handle objections and use these strategies as a tool to become a better closer, and top producer within their industry.

Lesson Overview:

How many times are you faced with an objection when making a sale? How confident are you in handling the objections thrown at you? In “Mastering Objections” will cover how to handle any objection at any time, with any customer. These tools will show you how to become a better closer, and a top producer.

He will also provide you with the types of objections, the difference between an objection and a complaint, the golden rule of objections, and four secrets about objections.

What Participants Will Learn:

  • The consequences of not mastering objections
  • The objections you are getting killed by
  • Steps and secrets to mastering objections
  • Types of objections
  • Definition of an objection
  • Biggest mistakes in handling objections
  • The difference between objections and complains
  • The golden rule of objections
  • What generates a buyer’s objection
  • What buyers fear
  • Rules of handling objection

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