Skip Nelson - October 18th, 2023 - How To Drive Higher Margins And Double In Profit Business

I specialize in helping individuals navigate challenging financial situations, especially those involving career change. I'm also a small business growth consultant. On the individual side, I personally experienced a job transition along with the stress and uncertainty that came with it. This shed light on the fact that people going through job transitions don't always pay attention to their assets when they're so focused on finding their next job. This personal experience ignited my passion for helping people in the job transition community navigate their unique financial situations.

That is why I decided to be part of Focus Forward Financial Group. While we can work with anyone, we focus on helping those going through a job transition. From education on 401(k) rollovers and maximizing lower tax brackets, to tax-efficient accumulation and distribution strategies, we offer first-hand experience and expertise to help people prepare financially for a job change.

On the small business side, I am very passionate about helping businesses overcome challenges and achieve the growth they desire. I started Skip Nelson Marketing Solutions to provide customized small business coaching. With 30 years of small business ownership myself, I've been through the battles. If you're interested seeing dramatic and immediate increases in leads, sales and revenue, then I can help you. For more information, watch my guided tour and I'll show you my online business academy that provides the tools, resources and training that will help make any business the dominant player in their market.

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