Dagan Martinez-Vargas - Play The Room: The Short Guide To Networking - May 17th, 2023

A native Austinite, Dagan intended to follow his dad’s footsteps as a dentist.  But while majoring in Biology at the University of Texas, he studied psychology and business and ditched dentistry, developing an interest in how people tick.  

After graduation, Dagan spent a decade promoting global alcohol brands, networking at events at bars, restaurants, concerts, and other venues, learning to “read the room” and finding opportunities to grow sales.  Soon, Dagan was networking and promoting an app in the hot Downtown Austin tech scene and consulting on digital branding. In less than 2 years, appearing on local media outlets, becoming a finalist to pitch on the SXSW Accelerator stage; and making it to the final round of being called to be on the tv show Shark Tank.

More recently, Dagan has been working in the insurance industry, networking himself as “King of Supplemental” and making it easier for people to talk about subjects like Cancer, Heart, and Death.

After sharing practical tips with dozens of individual networkers and groups on how to stand out, promote their businesses, and increase sales, Dagan wrote this book to share his lifetime of experience in this quick read!

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