Catherine Brown - April 19th, 2023

Personal Branding: How Good Humans Sell Themselves

Many people feel unsure how to represent themselves while selling. For example, how much do we talk about ourselves versus asking questions of our prospective clients? In this session, Catherine Brown will teach how to take your personal values and translate those to the way you present yourself while selling. Listeners will come away with clarity on their personal values, their personal brand identity, and ideas for being authentic while selling like a #goodhuman.

About Catherine Brown

Catherine Brown, understands what it means to build a business during challenging times. She launched her first company with two little small boys at home in 2003, and she now runs a sales training firm called ExtraBold Sales.

She is a veteran of more than 25 years of selling, recruiting, and fundraising with nonprofits. Her training includes psychology research that gets at the heart of why people hesitate to recruit and sell effectively. In her new book, How Good Humans Sell™: The Proven Path to B2B Sales Success, she combines best practices with social psychology principles. 

Holding a Bachelor's degree from Rice University in Houston, Catherine is trained in marketing through StoryBrand. She lives in Texas with her family and loves taking walks, reading, planning her next globetrotting adventure, watching sci-fi with her family (#nerds), and hosting dinner parties. Catherine is really active on LinkedIn and you can see more about her here.


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