Tim Goering - Developing Your Formula for Success - January 18, 2023

Timothy Goering aims to be a unique sales professional. The difference with his approach is simple but extremely profound and equally effective — Timothy is a people-focused type person. As the President of MakingLuck Inc. in Palm Beach, Florida, Timothy is an advocate and certified sales professional trainer in Sandler Training.

The primary thing that has drawn Timothy to a career in sales is the same thing that interested him in the Sandler Training method – the people-focused mentality. With an interest in human psychology and a desire to hack the unique way different personalities interact with one another, Timothy enjoys truly connecting with people at the intersection of revenue and relationship in order to forge a deal that is mutually beneficial for all those involved. According to Timothy Goering, this is what sales is all about; you have to care and you have to provide a solution to a problem.

Timothy’s career has been nothing short of interesting, as he is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy with a B.S. in Oceanography. Upon graduation, he entered the United States Marine Corps where he eventually served as a Major in Aviation. From there, Timothy entered the civilian world to tackle a whole new challenge and accepted a position in sales at Cordis, Johnson & Johnson. In this role, he sold the first ever coronary heart stents while managing the North Florida Territory from Jackson to Mississippi. After that, Timothy moved into the role of Vice President, Financial Advisor at Bernstein Investment and Research Management. Here, he developed a book of $200 million in assets under management in just three years.

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