Bigger is Not Always Better

When our elders, that we love, reach those stages in life where they are needing more attention medically and with their daily activities, where do you turn?

A normal first instinct is to call or visit the large, resort-looking facilities, we see from our roads. A good majority of us are in "sticker shock" after one or two visits. We start to feel trapped while wondering, "what are we going to do or how will I take care of mom/dad".

No, bigger is not always better. Although the larger facilities look grand and often offer personal rooms, your loved one might end up being left alone more. Feeling isolated, lonely, abandoned or depressed is not what any senior needs. Sure, these grand facilities look like there are lots of activities and interaction; it's usually more with the seniors that are still at a level of independent living,  rather than an assisted living need. The further the decline in mental, social, or medical health, the more attention the caregivers need to give independently. This becomes more challenging in larger places where the caregivers are responsible for too many residents during their shifts. 

There are several other options we are usually not aware of that are smaller and more affordable. These are personal care homes and independently owned assisted living and memory care facilities. They actually provide much better care with  a much better caregiver to resident ratio. The care becomes more individualized and intimate.  These smaller, individually owned, facilities are usually more accomodating in their prices as well.

There are homeowners that create beautiful, loving, and caring environments for our elders because they have servants hearts and compassion, but there are a few that are doing it more for the income. This is where working with a senior care consultant, that vets all the facilities out, is the best resource you could utilize. They'll do the leg work for you to match up all your needs; medical, social, logistical, and financial.

ElderStage prides itself on promising to know the facilities in the Montgomery County area of Texas and only take you to the places they would place one of their own loved ones at.

Instead of going out on your own and taking the chance or settling, contact ElderStage. Let them help you navigate through all the choices in your area and help you find that perfect place and solution.


I am the Founder and Director of ElderStage with over twenty years of experience in marketing and consulting in the healthcare industry. I decided to become a senior care consultant to help families with their loved ones when they reach their elder stages of life and need more assistance medically or with their activities of daily living. It is a sheer joy to know I've helped relieve the emotional burden off someone's shoulders while giving them clear answers and direction navigating the choices in senior care; specifically in the Montgomery County area of Texas. I vet the senior care facilities out across our area and only show the ones I would place my own loved ones in; because I know they have servants hearts and are doing it for the right reasons. I can meet the medical, social, logistical and economical needs for just about anyone. Consultations are free