Position yourself as an Industry Expert with Podcasts

THE WOODLANDS, TX - Podcasting is a trend moving upward with alternative platforms and enlarged audiences. Individuals listen to podcasts to learn techniques to grow their business, improve their marketing skills, or hear their favorite authors and motivators. It is so easy to start up your own podcast with the right equipment and platforms for listeners.

Content-driven information is the key to engaging your listener. Creative interesting content easily downloaded drives up the listener experience. Eighty percent of podcast listeners will listen to your entire podcast if the subject matter educates and is relative to their growth. Maintain high-quality content to attract high-level professionals. High-value podcast listeners are attracted to high-value shows.

Podcast listeners are generally commuting to work, exercising, or doing something while listening and need a great listening experience. Audio quality keeps your listener attentive besides creating authentic professional education. Podcasts can be 10 minutes, like a daily/weekly check-in with marketing advice or an hour-long show with a possible guest.

Businesses need to market themselves as the experts in 2021 through podcasting. Office Evolution offers a podcast studio with high-quality equipment to develop your own podcast. An introductory session includes a consultation, demonstration of equipment, a unique MP3 link and a podcast server platform with a media partner.

“We have implemented a way for our business community to utilize our high-quality equipment with little investment. Sign a contract agreement for use of the studio on an hourly basis and after training, you are set to go”, said Phil Anderson of Office Evolution.   Flexible, rentable  podcasting locations  with a variety of experience and equipment are one the means to start your new career in the podcasting area.

If your target consumers are adults 20-35 years of age you should really try podcasting! Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have implemented live streaming platforms gaining in popularity. Live interactive podcasts provide the ultimate opportunity to engage with your targeted audience through Q & A sessions, contests, and phone in remarks.

Google has recently announced that they will start including podcasts in Google searches. Google Podcasts will transcribe podcasts and rank them according to keywords, a page number, and blogs connected to each podcast. Podcasts will assist with finding your business through Voice Search Optimization (VSEO). In 2021 it is anticipated that over 50% of searches will be read aloud through voice-enabled speakers as technology advances.

Anderson emphasized that podcasts are gaining with popularity. “Influencer hosts grow audiences when they offer consistent quality listening experiences. Increase your marketing game and gain trust for your business through educational podcasting”.

Phil has been actively involved in epoxy/ high-temperature thermoset resin manufacturing and formulation since graduating with a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in 1985 from Texas A&M University. His expertise is targeted at process development and scale-up of new products, batch unit operations, pilot production operations, process and legacy evaluation during due diligence/merger/product line acquisitions, key user oversight of manufacturing/laboratory facilities operations/construction, analytical/quality assurance and global/national regulatory compliance. Phil has been actively involved in the aerospace industry as a formulator of resins and pre-pregs for the Beech Starship, the first Boeing composite specification programs (i.e. BMS 8- series), and other early “black box” composite material programs. He held principal positions during the start-up of the Ciba Specialty Polymer Unit (SPU) in both analytical and process development areas and was instrumental in the construction/transfer/due diligence evaluations of the Tactix® resins, cyanate ester and polyimide product lines. Phil has performed lab scale-up, toll production management, pilot synthesis and manufacturing introduction operations for epoxy, polyimide, bismaleimides, cyanate esters, and acrylate chemistries. Particle size unit operations, such as milling and classifying particles, are also part of the expertise he offers. Unit operations, chemical safety evaluations, reaction calorimetry, and Process Safety Management (PSM) including Hazardous Operations Analysis (HAZOP) performed as part of process development evaluations are part of his knowledge base. As an expansion of his skill set Phil took on the various roles of Health/Safety/Environmental management at global level within the Advanced Materials Division (Ciba/Vantico) and local levels (Huntsman-McIntosh site). He prepared systems and managed pre-audits towards OSHA Star and Responsible Care® certifications as well as ISO 9000 certifications. Phil has audited numerous chemical production and research sites for due diligence and toll manufacturing pre-approval against both quality and EHS requirements. In his recent experience Phil supported Huntsman businesses with regulatory expertise in the registration of chemicals in various countries (EPA, REACH, Canadian DSL, China), certification of public standards (UL, NSF, FDA) and other product regulatory listing requirements. Phil expanded his horizons and leaderships skills as Sr. Product Manager. Here he applied his business skills for managing over 1200 products, line management with P&L responsibilities in excess of $140MM, and marketing/ R&D evaluation of thermoset resin materials in the Aerospace, Coatings, and Wind markets. Phil is currently President of PART Consulting LLC, a small chemical consulting firm based in The Woodlands, Texas. Established in late 2015, after a successful career in industry, Phil and his business partner hit the ground running with their new direct approach to technical consultation and assisting their clients. From R&D development to manufacture of product, PART Consulting offers its clients the full package of chemical product development services including market studies, formulation validation, quality assurance testing, process development, EHS and regulatory services. PART Consulting now has several retained clients ranging from multi-national corporations to small business ventures. Never willing to sit still, Phil is also Vice-President of Operations/Owner Manager at Office Evolution – Conroe Woodlands. a rapidly-growing B2B franchise offering co-working space, private office space, virtual offices and business services, announced today that it has teamed with local business executive and consultants, Phil Anderson, to open its first business center in Montgomery County — the first of three planned for Conroe/ Woodlands area.