How SEO Content Marketing Can Help Your Business Thrive

An SEO strategy can improve your online presence and traffic for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. But unfortunately, 70% of small businesses don’t have an SEO content marketing strategy.

There are several content marketing SEO strategies small companies should employ. Some examples are keyword targeting, link building, and content creation. However, it can be several months before any results are seen.

If you are scratching your head asking, “SEO content, what now?” then keep reading. We will explain how SEO content marketing can improve your online status and how your business can benefit.

What Is SEO Content Marketing?

To answer this, we have to split the question into “SEO” and “content marketing.” So let’s address SEO first.

The technical term for SEO is “Search Engine Optimization,” which is an effort to increase the quality of traffic to your website. That means getting as many visitors to your site as possible.

SEO and content marketing go hand in hand as a way to connect to your readers. This is accomplished by creating meaningful content that is insightful and educational so your reader knows why they should take action.

Your content is generated based on keywords gathered at the beginning of your SEO strategy. Typically, this will be industry-specific. This encourages customers to engage with links and call-to-actions, keeping them interested in your site longer.

What Are The Benefits?

There are multiple benefits to having a solid content marketing plan in place. First, by offering customers what they are looking for while they are searching for it, content marketing drives sales.

It Allows You to Direct the Conversation

One thing that online shopping lacks is the ability to talk to your customers and help them choose your product. If you tailor your online content around educating your would-be customers, this assists them with making purchasing decisions that benefit your company and not the competitors.

It Increases Your Social Media Following

If someone finds content on your website interesting or helpful, they’re more likely to share it and follow you on other platforms like Facebook or Instagram. If you keep delivering quality, informative content, you’ll gain more loyal followers.

It Improves Your Online Visibility

When your content focuses on your product or service, the people reading your article will likely visit those pages to see your offering. Additionally, conveniently linking to your products increases the likelihood of this happening.

It Improves Your Site’s “Street Cred”

Writing helpful content is not only for the customers’ benefit. For example, if you write good-quality blog content, other websites will hyperlink to your content. And the more you’re credited by backlinks; the more Google is interested in offering you as a first-page result.

Your Audience Will Visit Longer

When you have excellent content that readers find helpful, the chances are high that they will click around your site to see what other information you have. Pairing this up with targeted ads sprinkled around your website can also encourage readers to make a purchase while they’re on your site browsing.

It Builds Trust

Customers who have found your website informative are more likely to trust your brand. It is easier for your audience to trust you as a source of advice and recommendations if you create value for them without expecting anything in return. This also builds customer loyalty.

Trust Our SEO Content Marketing Experts

When you have a good SEO content strategy, it will provide your business with great content that is, above all, helpful to customers. This same content will gain your customers’ trust and loyalty and, in turn, more followers.

The good news is that to benefit from SEO content marketing; you don’t have to learn all this yourself. Instead, reach out to us for more information on our services, such as SEO management, organic SEO services, local search and social media advertising, and custom web design.

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Grapevine Marketing was founded by Katy-native Jennifer LaFleur, who worked in the corporate world for nine years. This helped her gain marketing experience and encouraged her to start something of her own. Once her second daughter was born, she quit the corporate and established Grapevine Marketing as a full-service digital marketing agency with a vision—“Simply Connecting People.” The name Grapevine Marketing came was chosen as she wanted to include “Texas” in the name, along with a non-cliche buzzword that would align with marketing. While she and her husband were brainstorming for names, a song named “I heard it through the Grapevine” crossed her mind. She also realized that Grapevine is also a popular place in Texas, about 3 hours away from Katy, and this is how Grapevine Marketing was born. Jennifer has a soft-spot for small businesses that could greatly benefit from her skills and expertise. Combined with her penchant to help them out, she is easily one of the best digital marketers in Texas!