On-Hold Marketing is a Winner!

Hello? Is anyone there? You've just been put on hold (you think!) but all you hear is silence. Are you being transferred? Are you still connected? Will anyone return to take your call? This scenario is fairly common and not only bad customer service, but also a missed opportunity. In today's world, there is no excuse for this. Why not provide music combined with a message that will let your caller know they are important to you?


Even better, why not take the opportunity to let the caller know what your company is about and let them know about your products and services or tell them about special programs or company initiatives?


Marketing-On-Hold (MOH) is a valuable service that is easy to manage and inexpensive to install. The service is offered through a small playback device that connects directly to your phone system. The message and licensed music plays when callers are placed on hold or during call transfer. The message itself is recorded in a sound studio by a voice actor and can be customized to any company's needs. The message is easily changed by downloading a new file via an internet connection or a memory device like a USB/Flash drive.


The cost will fit into any size company's marketing budget. Typically, you can expect a one-time purchase of the MOH device ($230 for a Flash Drive Player and $350 for an Internet-connected player) and a monthly subscription cost ranging from $40 to $75 depending on the program, which will include some number of new recordings per year.


The benefits easily outweigh the costs:


1. Let your caller know they are still connected

2. Shorten the perceived hold time

3. Inform your callers of your products and services

4. Improve your company image 


Our clients using this service vary widely in their business interests. Schools can let parents know about upcoming events or schedules, Retailers inform callers of promotions and store hours, Medical Practices remind patients that it's time for flu vaccination and Auto Dealerships highlight the vehicles they want to promote.  For some, it's just to simply thank the caller for their business.


The content of the message is important, but don't be overly concerned with the writing process. Experienced script-writers and copy editors are available to work with you to design the message and it's typically included in the monthly cost. 


Click here for a sample of a typical message


Hot Tips for Message content: On Hold Messages are about "theater of the mind". It's a place where, through music and voice, you can create warm and friendly feelings about your company and guide callers' attention to the points that you want to highlight. 


In the End


Traditional marketing can be very expensive. Advertisements in Print, Radio or Television come with substantial price tags. Marketing to customers while they wait is not only efficient but effective as well. Callers are already reaching out to you with a purpose and are ready-made captive audiences.  Seize the opportunity to provide information about your company and your products and services, or at least make sure your callers know they are on hold and important enough that they are appreciated.


Husband of 20 years to amazing wife with a son (17) and daughter (15) living in the Energy Corridor of Houston, Tx. Native Houstonian. Grew up in telecommunications working from the age of 13 in a family-run business wearing every hat from cabling tech to operations to customer service, accounting, sales and marketing, VP and President. I am now a managing partner at Unetek, a white-glove service IT provider. We take a personal approach to learning more about our clients business and how we can help them grow.