Barry Ochsner on Cyber Security

Today on the podcast we have the pleasure to sit down and speak with, Barry Ochsner. Barry is an IT Provider with Alexaur Technology Services, Inc and is a member of Network In Action’s Katy Connectors Group in Katy Texas.

In this podcast, Barry and Scott discuss the history of Alexaur, Cyber security, the types of threats that exist on the web today and how Alexaur helps to protect and combat against malicious actors. We discover that small businesses are just as likely to be made victim of cyber crimes. They discuss the WannaCry virus and what motivated it’s spread. Barry unpacks how his services work to protect you and what to do if you do become the victim of an attack.

Finally, Barry discusses tips about business networking and how Network In Action is helping him grow is business.

You can view Barry Ochsner’s Network In Action profile here.

Visit the Alexaur web site here:

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