The Mission Of NIA

The mission of NIA® is simple: It’s our goal to put action into every networking meeting. 

We satisfy that mission by setting ourselves apart in seven unique areas, which we will discuss in detail in the following chapters: 

  1. You are guaranteed a return on your investment, and we personally coach you how to get it.
  2. Trained professionals run each group instead of a volunteer. This also happens to be their job, so you know they are going to be invested in getting you a positive return on your investment.
  3. Monthly coaching sessions are included in your membership.
  4. A monthly meeting instead of a weekly meeting, which saves you over eighty hours per year.
  5. Technology: We actually have it, and it works from your smart phone to allow you to instantly connect with members when it’s time to pass a referral—and to stay connected at all times. Our technology does not stop with an app, either. We will cover the amazing things we utilize in Chapter 9: Technology
  6. The NIA® marketplace offers members a place where you can offer your unique promotions to all of our members across the country. 
  7. Each member completes a background check and a personality profile so that you can refer to your personal network of friends, family members, and colleagues with confidence.