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    Treasure Valley Solutions
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    I love helping people solve problems by providing them affordable solutions.
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    I've been in the IT industry for 20+ years and have a broad background with many different technologies. After being laid off from a couple of jobs because "I became to expensive" I decided to start my own business. Since I had been interested in Smart Home Technology for a while I decided to create a business in that space.
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    Smart Home Technology
    Software Development
    Spending time with my family
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    Home owner that is in need of one of our solutions, such as:
    - Security System and/or Cameras
    - Smart Home Products such as Video Doorbells, Smart Thermostat, etc.
    - TVs/Sound systems for their home
    - TV Mounting services
    - Mesh Wi-Fi system to provide superior Wi-Fi coverage in a home or business

    (Custom) Home Builder that's in need of low voltage wiring services and/or is interested in adding an affordable Smart Home package to their homes.
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    United States
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    West Friesland College
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