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    Smoke Signal Graphics
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    I have always had a knack for art and design. I enjoy creating pieces that make people happy. Plus, I get to work my own hours!
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    I began drawing as a small child. That love for drawing has grown into a full-fledged career as an artist, though it took some time to get here. I have attended several universities and pursued several careers to help satiate his desire for knowledge. This path has taken me through restaurant management, aviation maintenance, flight instruction, Army Aviation, safety management and more. In 2017, I was afforded the opportunity for another career change, Art. I established Smoke Signal Graphics and have not looked back. I have grown
    my talents and continue to help customers solve their design related problems. My favorite and most common work involves creating custom pieces of art, whether digital or by hand, for customers of all sorts.
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    Graphic Artist
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    I enjoy cooking, especially BBQ. I like reading, though I have found recently books on tape are far more convenient.
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    Missouri City
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    United States
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