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    Ethos Datacom, LLC
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    My work is a pathway to build a future for my family while doing something that I absolutely love. Every customer's needs are different and I enjoy the process from discovery to design to implementation. I love what I do and enjoying talking about or answering questions about anything related to network cabling, wireless networks, VoIP phone solutions, camera systems, or access control.
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    Grew up in Kingwood, TX and I'm married with two sons. I've been in the industry for over 20 years and started Ethos Datacom in 2015.
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    Communications, Technology, and Physical Security
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    Cooking international food with my wife. Just ask if you want a recipe from Cambodia, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, or Brazil.
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    There is a right way, wrong way, and expensive way to provide services to customers. I will always do things the right way. Sometimes that is also the expensive way, but my goal is to provide my customers with a solution that matches their needs and their budget.
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    Small to medium sized commercial or industrial clients. I normally work with business owners, IT Directors, and Facilities Managers. We love working in offices, but excel in industrial and civil settings. If a customer is moving into a new space we can ensure that they are starting off with a quality network.
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    United States
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    Free network or security assessment. 20% off all labor.
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