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    Sarah Lorraine
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    One of my favorite experiences is learning something new. I find few things more empowering than gaining knowledge or more satisfying than learning a new skill. The joy and confidence I experience in learning is the underlying motivation for my work. I want students to understand how they learn and have the skills and confidence they need to meet their academic goals.
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    I am a certified school psychologist and I work with students, families, professionals, and schools to support learning and academic success for all students through assessment, coaching, consultation, and training. I have been working as a school psychologist since 2004 and have a variety of experience working within public, private, and charter schools and as an independent practitioner. I have been teaching in higher education since 2015.

    I apply my training and experience in assessment, learning, and disabilities to support students, families, individuals, professionals, and institutions. My approach is dynamic and informed by the principles and practices of mindfulness. Starting from a place of curiosity and collaboration, I work with my clients to determine the most appropriate next steps. Re-assessment, data collection, and monitoring are embedded within consultation and coaching which creates frequent opportunities for reflection and analysis of progress and ensures the support is effective.

    Services include:
    - Comprehensive psychoeducational assessments for students pre-k through college
    - Academic and executive functioning coaching for students and adults
    - Consultation and advocacy for students and families navigating the special education process or 504 accommodations process
    - Review and analysis of psychoeducational and neuropsychological evaluations for universities and educational institutions and special education lawyers
    - Consultation and training for teachers and other professionals

    Specialized training and experience in hearing loss, D/deafness, Deaf culture, American Sign language, reading disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, executive functioning deficits, and neuropsychological assessments. Conversational skills in American Sign Language.
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    Educational Consultant & School Psychologist
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    Knitting, Yoga, & Meditation
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