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(Real Estate - Residential / Commercial / Land) Rene Fonseca

(Real Estate - Residential / Commercial / Land) Rene Fonseca

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    Keller Williams Realty - Austin
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    My 'why' is driven by my core values: God, Family, and Business. I'm dedicated to educating others on building wealth through real estate, promoting inclusive housing solutions, and supporting charities that reflect my priorities and values. This commitment shapes my efforts to positively impact the community and help clients achieve their goals.
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    I’m a dedicated real estate professional who transitioned from a successful career in Tech and Cybersecurity to follow my other true passion: helping people achieve their real estate goals. My goal is to make the complex and often stressful process of buying, selling, and investing in property as smooth and secure as possible for my clients.
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    Real Estate Agent
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    - Hanging out with my family including 2 new grandkids
    - Barbecuing, Grilling, Smoking Great Food
    - Enjoying life with my wife and nearly empty nesters
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    Drawing on my extensive background in tech and cybersecurity, I aim to bring a level of diligence, foresight, and integrity to real estate transactions that is unmatched in the industry. My mission is to empower buyers, sellers, and investors by leveraging my unique skills to protect their interests, ensure transparency, and deliver results that exceed expectations.

    Let’s embark on this journey together, making your real estate aspirations a reality with confidence and peace of mind. Contact me to get started today!
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    United States
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    Referrals are appreciated and rewarded with gift cards, dinners, drinks, and periodic appreciation events.
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    Capella University
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    What are your real estate plans for the next 12 months?
    Do you know anyone who might be looking to buy, sell, invest, or lease a property soon?
    Are you interested in a career in real estate?
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    When being introduced via email, I appreciate a concise yet informative introduction that highlights my expertise in real estate and my commitment to personalized service. Here’s a template you could use:

    I wanted to introduce you to Rene Fonseca, a dedicated real estate professional specializing in helping individuals and families buy, sell, invest, and lease properties in the greater Austin metropolitan area. Rene has a strong background in providing tailored advice and strategies to meet diverse real estate needs effectively. He is well-versed in the nuances of the local real estate market and deeply committed to delivering exceptional service and results. Whether you are looking to purchase your next home, sell a property, or explore investment opportunities, Rene is the perfect guide for all your real estate endeavors. Contact him to get started today!