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    Kimie Digital LLC
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    I am a creator and I like solving challenging problems. Kimie Digital LLC was founded amidst the 2020 global pandemic in an effort to help small businesses and entrepreneurs who demand creative solutions. I value building relationships, being a strong communicator, and a reliable service provider.
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    Erin is a digital marketer who partners with business owners and entrepreneurs to develop and implement relevant marketing strategies.

    Erin solves business problems with a creative touch and is knowledgeable about paid and organic digital marketing strategies, mixed-media content curation, and email marketing. She has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Santa Clara University and over a decade of experience at Silicon Valley firms ranging from mobile gaming startups to non-profit supply chain operations to higher education.
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    Digital Marketing and Advertising
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    My biggest hobby and obsession is probably spending time with my Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix dog, Momo. Our daily routine includes a morning and evening walk and we enjoy exploring new neighborhoods and dog parks too. I also love a good home-cooked meal and am a sucker for local cooking that reminds me of my home, Hawaii. I also enjoy crafting, whether it involves sewing, knitting, or DIY projects.
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    United States
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    Master of Business Administration (MBA), Santa Clara University
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