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JESSICA WHITE, MBA: NIA Franchise Owner | Business Strategy Coach & Consultant

JESSICA WHITE, MBA: NIA Franchise Owner | Business Strategy Coach & Consultant

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    J.White (Co) | (Co)aching & (Co)nsulting
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    I love being a connector and a fixer! I believe we are better together and together we can catch excellence.I've worked for businesses of all sizes but my passion is helping small businesses. Together we can beat the statistics.
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    I am from upstate NY, have lived all over but currently live and play in the PNW - my home for the last 25+ years. I received my Bachelor's degree in HR, Marketing, Management and my passion for business led me to my MBA shortly thereafter. I love to learn, even to this day.
    I have 20+ years experience in Financials Services (Banking/Mtg), Credit Admin, Leadership.
    I have 11+ years in Sales, Business Development, Executive Leadership, Real Estate, and Title & Escrow.
    I have 4 years experience in start-up Title & Escrow company. I sold my interest in that partnership to pursue my passion for helping small business owners.

    J.White (Co) was founded in October of 2021. Enter NIA in November and I quickly revised my business plan to include the purchase of an NIA franchise to support the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and in the US in Canada via my virtual group.

    I accelerate profits rapidly.....primary focus: THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.
    Service levels have gone to the waste side. I'm bringing SERVICE back - and have been building successful teams and businesses for over two decades with this philosophy.

    Looking forward to serving business owners who are interested in leveling-up. You are not alone!
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    NIA Franchise Owner / Business Strategy Coach & Consultant
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    Owner / Founder | Owner | CEO
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    (not necessarily in that order) :)

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    My ideal partner values delivering an extraordinary customer experience. Partnership that offers trust, transparency and feedback will be an excellent match.
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    United States
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    Eastern Washington University
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