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    Academy of MotivAction™
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    To create world-class Neuro-Science based Business Training to inspire 1 million entrepreneurs all over the world to develop a stronger connection to their inner selves, guide them to create successful businesses they desire, make significant differences in people’s lives, and increase their income and impact along the way.
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    I am a founder of the Academy of MotivAction™. It is Neuro-Science based MotivAction Method™ Training for Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders, using tools and techniques from behavior research and science to create hugely successful life and businesses.
    My journey for the last 20 years has been a worldwide quest to understand what makes a great entrepreneur and person so successful. Through running my own businesses, and learning from many amazing mentors, I have been blessed with many experiences, challenges, and lessons.
    I obtained my MBA at the age of 21, and owner of multiple businesses.
    I am a Certified Business Coach, Certified Master Coach, and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Quantum Timeline, and Hypnosis.
    In 2018, after only 2 years in business in a male-dominated industry, I had reached the top 1.6% of all women-owned businesses in the USA.
    I know, that all the struggles that businesses have usually come down to 3 things: Time, People, and Money.
    The only thing holding you back from the business of your dreams is YOU, and more specifically, your beliefs, your habits, your mindset, and your skillset.
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    Speaker | Neuro-Science Trainer | Business Coach
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    Traveling, Dancing, Learning
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    United States
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