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    Marketing Dynamics
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    I am a mission-focused degreed Marketer who has seen the impact and influence of my practice woven into the fabric of local, state, and national marketplace of ideas, causes, and conversations. In the past, I haven't made it about the money, but about the cause and the reason, which has opened many big doors for my clients and myself. I love what I do and look forward to doing more.

    My why? Is to retire my CPA wife. I am therapy for her tedious work in the natural gas world (the creative world of marketing makes life interesting). We both want to be involved in our children's lives and do the things we talked and dreamed about together on this big adventure.
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    Strategic Marketer, Technologist, Media Personality, Columnist/Blogger, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Video Producer (motion picture, documentary and web) and Shofar Blower. Strategy first, tactics second.

    Marketing Dynamics is a true strategic marketing company with a focus on entrepreneurship with interests in entertainment, technology, broadcast, publishing, politics, non-profits, and start-ups. We are building strong alliances in each one of these sectors and growing opportunities to benefit our clients, business partners, and friends.

    Marketing Dynamics is a catalyst company that implements its strategies and tactics for effective outcomes with tangible and intangible results.

    Marketing, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. We see opportunity through the power of Marketing.

    Andy is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran (Desert Storm/Shield) and Graduate from Texas A&M University with a degree in Marketing and Tulane University in Applied Business. Accelerate your business with us, because the market never stays the same.

    Former founding Marketing Director Board Member of the American Veterans Museum being planned in Houston. and his partner company
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    Marketing Strategist
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    Reading on a variety of subjects, music, power lifting, diet and exercise, martial arts, shooting, media and broadcast, politics, cinema, cigars, cooking, family, Christian faith, BBQ, veterans, and more!
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    One who understands the need and value of Marketing and willing to plan and execute for the short and long-term.
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    United States
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    30 minute free consultation by phone - valued at $250
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    Texas A&M University
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    1. Have you ever worked with a Marketing Strategist?
    2. What percentage of your gross revenue do you now allocate towards the Marketing function?
    3. Are you looking for a Marketer now? If so, why?
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    Hi everyone!

    I want to introduce Andy Valadez, Marketing Strategist for Marketing Dynamics based in Houston. Andy is a degreed marketing professional from Texas A&M University and Tulane University. He served honorably with the United States Marine Corps during Desert Storm/Shield and has a mission focus to help his clients and friends.

    He is looking forward to being a part of the Veterans Business Force and getting to know our members. He currently serves as the Public Relations Officer for the 22nd District Department of Texas American Legion (over 12 posts in Houston) and Public Relations Officer for the American Legion Post 164 in Katy, PR Manager for the Marine Corps League Detachment #324, adviser to the President of the Houston Regional Veterans Chamber, and our National membership via his active work to support veterans.