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    In my mid-twenties, I developed a severe neurological disorder. Very quickly we realized our family did not have a plan for the unexpected. It was terrifying, and we weren't sure what to do. Today I can tell you that God miraculously and mercifully healed me. Doctors don't know how, but here I am, so grateful and humbled.

    Having gone through that, I truly believe I have been given a second chance at life. To that end, I decided to work in financial services because I want to educate others regarding financial clarity. I want to provide the guidance and support I could have used before I was sick to help others gain financial independence.

    Now I am so grateful to have the best husband and babies (and fur babies.)
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    Financial Advisor
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    Watching "The Great British Bakeoff"
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    United States
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    I would like you to meet Ellie Hodson. She advises on how to create a clear, actionable strategy towards reaching financial goals. Best of all, she takes the time to listen to her clients' experiences with finances and provides support and education tailored to them.