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    J. Flowers Health Institute
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    For a busy executive, or anyone, making time for health and wellness is a luxury. We help make our evaluation process efficient, comfortable, and confidential. Each client receives round the clock attention and support through our personalized concierge care.
    J. Flowers Health Institute provides a space in which executives, impaired professionals, and others feel comfortable talking about personal health and lifestyle. Our team understands that amid daily stresses and pressures, it is critical to provide comfort, support, and absolute privacy in clinician-client care and communication.
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    My entire career has been focused on enriching the lives of exceptional people. Prior to joining the J. Flowers Health Institute, I worked in the Not For Profit sector, Healthcare New Business Development, Healthcare Management and then 16 years as a Senior VP in the Luxury Matchmaking industry. I feel my talent in connecting people combined with my empathetic nature has made a great fit for my role as VP of Concierge Relations at J Flowers Health Institute. I am thrilled to join the J. Flowers Health team with our mission solely dedicated to changing the lives (and many times saving the lives) of truly remarkable people. Note: This is my second year as an NIA Member and I encourage everyone reading this to be my guest at our Monthly NIA meeting to meet some truly incredible people.
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    Concierge Healthcare (Mental Health, Addiction & Chronic Pain Evaluations)
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    Vice President of Concierge Relations
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    Volunteering, baking, creating and co-hosting a podcast, reading, and travel are my hobbies and interests. I spend one hour each morning in a quiet spot (by myself) to prepare myself for the day ahead. Whether I read a book, a magazine or just tinker around on my's a gift that I give myself that I have found makes a HUGE difference in my day. One word to describe my life is "GRATEFUL".
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    United States
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